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The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Machine

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Machine of Description:

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling machine is used to fill pure water, mineral water and spring water . The output is 8000-10000 bottles per hour.

All the parts in connected with the machine are made of high quality stainless steel 304. The related electrical appliances are from international famous brands.

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment consists of three parts: washing part, filling part and capping part.

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Machine

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Equipment of Details:

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Equipment

Washing Part:

This is the manipulator,This part is connected to the water pipe,The water comes out of the water separator and is directly sprayed with pressure, Can effectively clean the inside of the bottle.The PET bottle enters the equipment from the bottle separating  wheel, and the bottle mouth is clamped by the clamp and the turning machine, and the bottle mouth is turned down. The water is rinsed and drained, and the CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment is automatically turned over to the bottle mouth facing up, and is transported to the filling through the bottle outlet star wheel. The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment use edible water to wash the bottle instead of untreated water.

This pipe is connected to the water tank at the top, and directly connected to the flushing pump at the bottom.The bottle washing part is equipped with a water receiving tray to recover the bottled water.This part prevents water splashing and is easy to clean.The remaining water can flow directly through this pipe to the waste water treatment place.The role of these plastic curtains is also to prevent water splashing,The water can effectively fall back to the drip tray.

Brand new stainless steel clamps, simple structure, convenient adjustment; less contact area with the bottle mouth, effectively avoiding secondary pollution to the bottle mouth.

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Equipment

Filling Part:

Because the CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment is filled with plastic bottles, the CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment adopts the design of clamping the bottle mouth.As the liquid tank rises, the mouth of the bottle will press against the silicone pad, and then the filling will begin.When the filled water reaches the lowest position of the float ball, the machine will sense it and give a signal to the PLC to stop the filling.No drips and waste.This is a sliding rod, you can see that we are using oil-free bearings.There is no need to add grace or oil when maintaining the machine later.This is German technology.This also makes the noise of the machine run less,At the same time, the CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment makes the surface look cleaner, and there is no grease or the like.The main drive adopts gear drive that is open type combined drive, which has high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy maintenance, and sufficient lubrication.

This is the window glass,From here you can clearly see the level of the liquid.The above three wires are connected to the liquid level sensor, which can automatically control the liquid level. When the filling starts and the liquid level drops to the lowest point of the sensor, the controller will get a signal to automatically feed in and replenish the liquid. When the liquid reaches the high point again, the CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment stops feeding. This is a fully automated process.

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Equipment

Capping Part:

The capping part is composed of the main body, capping head and capping film. The capping film is in direct contact with the bottle mouth and is customized.

This is a drop cap mechanism.This is a cylinder sensor.Adjusting the tightness of the screw cap according to the scale will be more accurate。

This is a photoelectric detection switch, which is used to detect the position of the cover. If water filling equipment is detected that there is no cover, the cover machine will be started after 5 seconds to replenish the cover; if the CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment is detected that there is a cover, there will be a delay, after 5 seconds Will stop the lid. This is also an automatic system controlled by PLC.

The CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 Water Filling Equipment

Other Special Parts:

Wires Trunking:There are a lot of wire slots at the bottom, you can organize the extra wires, the CGF24-24-8 3 in 1 water filling equipment looks more tidy and will not be messy.Make all lines directly connected to the PLC control cabinet.Avoid hidden dangers in later production.Will not fray these wires.

Control Cabinet:People in the control cabinet can easily operate the machine. This is the speed control button, this is the emergency stop. Below are some electrical components. The core is this PLC. The brand we use is Siemens.

post-maintenance:These bearings need to be lubricated. These small pipes on the table are connected to the blue tubing below, which is connected to this one, which is conducive to the maintenance of the later machine. As long as the lubrication is added in one place, the operation is very simple.

These can be disassembled, which is very convenient for later repairs.

Main Features:

(1)The machine is compact in structure, complete in control system, convenient in operation and high in automation;High-speed large gravity flow valve filling valve, filling fast, filling accurate and no liquid lose.

(2) The parts in contact with the materials are made of high quality stainless steel, no dead corners and easy to clean.The specially designed stainless steel bottle washing machine clip is solid and durable, no touch with the screw location of bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution.

(3) The capping head adopts a magnetic constant torque device to ensure the quality of the cap and does not damage the cap;

(4) Adopting an efficient cover system with perfect automatic control and protection devices;

(5) The whole machine operation adopts advanced touch screen control.

(6) Host adopt advanced PLC automatic control technology, the key electrical components from famous company such as Japan’s Mitsubishi, France Schneider, OMRON.

(7)Using the wind sent access and move wheel in the bottle directly connected technology; canceled screw and conveyor chains, this enable the change the bottle-shaped become easier.

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