Kn95 mask maker

The semi-automatic kn95 mask production line is mainly a semi-automatic production line for kn95 masks. The machine is composed of a chipping machine, an ultrasonic welding ear belt machine and a blank holder machine. Two layers of non-woven fabric, two layers of melt blown fabric and one layer of hot air cotton are used for unwinding of the front-end tablet maker. According to the demand, it can be formed by knurling and cutting twice, and the built-in nose bar can be automatically pierced. After the back-end blank holder is completed, the welding lug belt station and blank holder forming station are connected, and the finished kn95 mask is completed.
Detail description of water filling machine
1. Kn95 mask maker
2. Ultrasonic welding earphone
3. Blank holder forming
The size of a single tablet maker 4700*800*1700mm
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Cutting speed 40-60 tablets / min
power About 4kw
Bridge of nose built-in
width of cloth 175mm