Complete Juice Filling Machine
And Production Line

Juice Filling Line

Xinmao beverage machinery is a professional production of juice filling machine in China. The series of hot juice filling equipment is suitable for filling high temperature resistant PET bottles of various capacities and shapes such as fruit juice, tea beverages, functional beverages, etc. The hot juice filler machine has various protections for the main motor and other electrical appliances, such as overload and overvoltage. The juice filling equipment of Xinmao Beverage Machinery has the obvious characteristics of fast filling speed, consistent height from the liquid level to the mouth of the tank after filling, stable operation of the whole machine, good sealing quality, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance.

Juice Filling Production Line Features
Compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation.
The parts in contact with materials are made of high quality stainless steel, no dead angle and easy to clean.
High speed filling valve is adopted to ensure the accuracy of liquid level and no liquid loss.
Magnetic constant torque device is used for the capping head to ensure the quality of capping without damaging the bottle cap.
Equipped with perfect overload protection device, which can effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators.
Main PLC and frequency changer are used famous brand, such as Mitsubishi and Omron etc.
Juice Filling Production Line Products
Fruit Juice Filling Machine
4-in-1 Fruit Juice Filling Equipment
Glass Bottle Juice Filling Equipment
Orange beverage filling machine
Tea Beverage Hot Filling Equipment
Energy Beverage Filling Machine
Milk Beverage Filling Machine
Can Juice Filling Machine
3-in-1 Juice Filling Machine

3-in-1 Juice Filling Production Line

The 3-in-1 juice filling machine produced by Xinmao Beverage Machinery is suitable for the filling of high-temperature resistant PET bottles of various capacities and shapes, such as fruit juice, tea beverages, and functional beverages. Filling machine adopts the principle of atmospheric filling. The fully automatic system is controlled by PLC programmable control system and operated by touch screen.

3-in-1 Juice Filler Equipment Technical Parameter:

Model Output Power Dimensions Weight
RCGF14-12-5 3000-4000BPH 6 Kw 2200*1600*2300MM 3000 Kg
RCGF18-18-6 5000-6000BPH 6 Kw 2300*1700*2300MM 3800 Kg
RCGF24-24-8 8000-12000BPH 7 Kw 2900*1900*2300MM 5000 Kg
RCGF32-32-10 12000-15000BPH 9 Kw 4300*3500*2300MM 6000 Kg
RCGF40-40-12 15000-18000BPH 13 Kw 4300*3900*2300MM 8000 Kg
RCGF50-50-12 18000-22000BPH 16 Kw 4600*4300*2300MM 10000 Kg
RCGF60-60-15 20000-25000BPH 19 Kw 5100*4600*2300MM 12000 Kg
4-in-1 Juice Filling Machine

4-in-1 Juice Filling Production Line

The 4-in-1 juice filling machine produced by Xinmao Beverage Machinery is a hot-filling machine that integrates washing,filling and capping. It is suitable for all kinds of juice beverage filling production, tea beverage filling production, and milk beverage filling production. The output is 4000-24000 bottles/hour, which can be selected by users.

4-in-1 Juice Filler Machine Technical Parameter:

Model Output Power
RCGGF18-12-16-5 5000-6000BPH 7.68KW
RCGGF32-18-32-8 10000-12000BPH 10.18KW
RCGGF40-24-40-10 15000-16000BPH 12.28KW
RCGGF50-32-50-12 18000-20000BPH 13.28KW
Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine

Glass Bottle Juice Filling Production Line

The glass bottle juice filling machine is mainly used for the production of glass bottle juice, grape juice and blueberry juice. It realizes the functions of washing, filling, three capping and four capping on the integrated machine. The design is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the degree of automation is high. Juice filling equipment is an ideal production equipment for hot-filled beverages.

Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine Technical Parameter:

Model Output Power Dimensions Weight
RCGF14-12-5 3000-4000BPH 6KW 2180*1560*2300mm 3000 kg
RCGF18-18-6 5000-6000BPH 6KW 2350*1900*2300mm 3500 kg
RCGF24-24-8 8000-10000BPH 7KW 2900*2000*2300mm 5000 Kg
RCGF32-32-10 12000-15000BPH 9 KW 3500*2850*2300mm 7000 Kg
RCGF40-40-12 15000-18000BPH 13 KW 4500*3750*2300mm 10000 Kg
RCGF50-50-12 18000-22000BPH 16 KW 5200*4000*2300mm 12000 Kg
RCGF60-60-15 20000-25000BPH 19 KW 5500*4500*2300mm 15000 Kg
Cans Bottle Juice Filling Machine

Canned Juice Filling Production Line

The canned juice beverage filling machine is suitable for filling juice and other beverages in two-piece cans and three-piece tinplate cans. It combines the two-in-one function of filling and capping. The can filling production line adopts PLC, frequency converter, and man-machine interface control system. Cans bottle filling machine has advanced control technology such as frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic filling with cans, and no filling without cans.

Canned Juice Filling Machine Technical Parameter:

Model Output Power Dimensions Weight
XM 12-4 4000-6000 cans/hour 6 Kw 2600*1600*2100MM 2500 Kg
XM 18-4 8000-15000 cans/hour 8 Kw 3200*1800*2100MM 3200 Kg
XM 24-4 18000-25000 cans/hour 11 Kw 3600*2100*2100MM 4000 Kg
Auxiliary Equipment
Water Treatment Equipment

Water treatment system is suitable for all kinds of water treatment equipment of pure water, mineral water, drinking water, beverage product water and process water.
Mainly include: pretreatment system (multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, microporous filter), membrane separation system (ultrafilter, nanofilter, reverse osmosis unit), electrodialysis equipment, sterilization equipment (UV equipment, ozone equipment), etc.

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Blow Molding Machine

Fully automatic blow molding machine are widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical industries due to their characteristics of light weight, low price and high safety. They attract more manufacturers to choose plastic containers instead of glass.

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Bottle Unscrambler

The automatic bottle unscrambler is input from the bottle storage bin or manual assistance, and is lifted into the bottle unscrambler barrel by a belt. Through the continuous sliding of the fixed cone bottom, the bottles are arranged in the tangential direction of the rotating cylinder. A bottle lifting device is installed along the tangential direction of the rotating cylinder, and its movement is controlled by a cam system installed inside the equipment.

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Sleeve Labeling Machine

The automatic sleeve labeling machine is suitable for the types of sleeve labels: various bottle types. Such as round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc. It adopts PLC programmable controller, imported servo motor, servo drive, frequency converter and sensor, and adopts positioning module to make the labeling accurate, fast and stable.

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Automatic Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

Automatic hot melt glue labeling machine is suitable for round, square, multi-sided cans, bottle bodies, paper tubes, etc. For full circumference labeling, and can also be used for labeling that is not full or full. Hot melt labeling machines are widely used Labeling in food and beverage, pesticide and chemical industry, paint and coating, medicine and health care etc.

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Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer is a kind of equipment which is controlled by software and uses non-contact way to mark products. Generally refers to continuous inkjet technology.

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Automatic Film Packaging Machine

The automatic film packaging machine can be used for heat shrink packaging with or without support in two rows, three rows, four rows, etc. according to the production requirements. When changing the packaging form, only the switch on the panel is required. This equipment adopts imported double air motor to make the hot air spread evenly in the furnace cavity, and the effect after shrinking is more beautiful.

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Carton Opening Packing Sealing System

According to the action requirements of the carton opening/packing/sealing system, the corresponding cylinder is equipped with a magnetic detection switch, which has more precise action and high efficiency. The carton forming, displacement, front and rear folding cover, and box product sealing are all controlled by servo-driven CNC positioning, with high positioning accuracy and stable operation.

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